None of us wanted to return to a complete Lockdown, however with COVID-19 is sweeping across Europe it was almost inevitable this would happen.
So, the first total lockdown worked, the number of cases reduced, restrictions were lifted with the same personal responsibilities. We’ve all seen the photos and we all know that social distancing isn’t a habit. The principles of prevention have not changed since day one – space and hygiene. Repeatedly failing to adhere to those measures leads to the consequence; an increase in infection rates and more lockdowns albeit regional. The proof is the rates of infection associated with areas of society where the core principles are difficult to implement e.g. schools and universities.

If we persist in our ignorance of the basics, the Government will be left with little choice other than to extend lockdown beyond December 2nd. We are hoping they will return to the 3 Tier system that was in place before Lockdown in order to keep the country running but if the populous are not collectively take responsibility for their safety the risk is we will have a longer lockdown.