Here we go again, third lockdown, have you learnt from the first two? Do you now have a care and maintenance procedure for your building and plant and have you covered the basics such as fire, legionella and security? A simple checklist/procedure ensures you don’t miss anything. A3C_Management photo

What a year to launch a safety management business!!

Thank you to all our clients for putting your trust in us. We wish you an enjoyable and safe Christmas and look forward to helping you navigate whatever challenges 2021 may bring.

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Driving home for Christmas? Remember the basics:

•Check your tyres!
•Don’t drive when tired
•Remember the 2 second rule
•Scan the road and pavements ahead
•Don’t use your phone unless you have to, even handsfree!
•Allow plenty of time for your journey

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Is your car ready for winter? Washer topped up, lights cleaned, tyres checked – remember they are the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road. Don’t forget to ensure you have de-icer, a warm blanket and a shovel for digging out of mud or snow, in the boot.

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The additional freedom would be good but we must remember the rules for interacting with other tiers and that hands face space is still key.

Thinking about risks in the workplace, the real skill is hitting the balance between controlled risk and efficient operation. If the consequences of the risk have greater impact than the control then it's inevitable you’ll go for control.

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