When you are writing your #Covid risk assessment, it is all too easy to lose sight of what it is actually for. It produces the controls you need to keep your team and anyone else in contact with your business safe from this hazard.

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Now is the time to implement the controls in your #Covid risk assessment - practice them, evaluate them and tweak them. Talk to your staff, listen to their ideas as they are the ones who will be applying the controls. Communication is everything!
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When Lockdown measures were relaxed in July last year, it became mandatory to carry out a risk assessment to manage #Covid19 in the workplace. As we approach the end of another Lockdown it is still mandatory to carry out a #Covid risk assessment.
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The Government has urged businesses to display NHS QR Code posters on entry to their premises. Failure to do so and meet #trackandtrace requirements will result in fixed penalty fines. Download our guide to understand these regulations https://t.co/5Cmp44GbQW

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As #Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed the Government has regulations in place for certain industry sectors to ensure they have track and trace controls in place. Download our Guide to understand the controls you will need to have in place https://t.co/kysiWcJILR


The known unknowns and the unknown unknowns is a common phrase but as ignorance is no defence in court wouldn’t it be good to find out what you don’t know. If you have even the slightest seed of doubt that you haven’t got it all covered talk to us.

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