Here we go again, our third lockdown, what have you learnt from the first two?

Do you now have a care and maintenance procedure for your building and plant? Have you covered the basics such as fire, legionella and security? A transition from dormant to operational will go much smoother if you are simply moving between two known states. Even more so if you have a transition plan.

You may have a shut down and lock up procedure you can adapt, if not, it does not take much to make life a little more predictable. Here are some things you maybe could consider:

• Fire and security alarm test and system battery life if power is lost
• Hot and cold-water systems, freezing pipework and or growing bacteria
• Damp – are you leaving the heating running? If not, what are you doing about humidity?
• IT – how many passwords will need resetting on return, shouldn’t your IT team start earlier ensuring your team have the tools they need?
• Statutory inspections; how many are due, on what and when, can you survive with that equipment in quarantine?
• How robust is your supply chain in this climate; when you return will you still be able to get what you need?

It’s not rocket science but with so much to occupy your mind, a simple checklist/procedure ensures you don’t miss anything, ensures consistency, ensures predictability.